This is a True Story of Why Home Security Systems are Important

This is a True Story of Why Home Security Systems are Important

There was a crew of 3 18-20 year old boys John, Jeff, and David that were on the run for stealing from peoples homes during the day time from the usual working hours of the common working citizen. Picking all the homes that looked the least secure(without home security systems) and then ringing the door bell acting like they were selling news papers if some on answered. If no on answered the door then they would ring the door bell like 10 times in a row to make sure.

No one was home so David stayed back  at the vehicle parked around the corner with a 2 way radio making sure if anyone were to come home while Jeff and John could leave if necessary. If the coast is clear then John and Jeff would find a way into the house usually though an open window or door but in some cases breaking a window but always wearing gloves to remove risk of leaving finger prints.

This 3 man crew robbed multiple houses this way before getting caught and thrown into jail. The point is there are many houses being broken into but when your home has a security system on it you can avoid the burglaries and if the home has security cameras then if a burglar breaks in there is live footage.

Get a Security Systems Whether it be diy or professionally monitored Please just get one

52 percent of home owners wait to get security systems until after they get broken into

the difference between monitored home security systems and diy monitored home security systems.