Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras is also an area of expertise for Southwest Data, we have worked with many builders and contractors to pre-wire new build homes as well as re wire existing homes for cable tv, satellite, telephone, security systems and entertainment systems.

We are "one company - one source", with a proven tract record and over 20 years of combined experience. We have continued our growth and success by consistently providing our customers with premium service and respect.

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2GIG Control Panel $240 each

Door Window Sensors $50 Each

Motion Sensors $100 each

Alarm.com Outdoor Camera $180 each

Alarm.com 360 degree Pan Tilt Camera $300 each

 Takeover Switch $80

Medical Pendant $50 each

Keyfob Remote $50 each

Lift Master Opener $180 each

Fire Smoke Detector $100 each

Thermostat $180 each

Door Bell $80 each

YALE Touchscreen Deadbolt / Door Lock $230 each