Home Automation

Home automation

Everybody's fantasized about controlling the physical properties of their living environment, all with a device they can control with their hand.
2GIG Home automation allows the user to have full access to doors, windows, passwords, video cameras, even thermostat all from your cellular device.
The benefits gained from home automation range widely.

Many people have found it convenient when they forget to set their alarm before they leave or if they want their house to be warm when they get home because it's cold outside or they simply forgot to turn the lights off when they left. Not to mention access of our new cutting edge surveillance monitoring. The kids are safe at home now, and you don't have to drive all the way back home to turn the lights out or lock your doors.

2GIG Home Automation

Thanks to 2GIG systems we can help serve you to protect yourselves.
Because of Home automation, there's been a Dramatic success of burglary crimes being solved. On average only 12% of burglaries result in arrest and recovery of of personal property. Using 2GIG we've closed the gap to a stunning 43% of burglaries resulting in arrest and responsible for the recovery of many families personal property.
This information may seem straight forward, however it statistics and factual information. My partners and I have been in the security industry for over ten years. One of our biggest dreams was to be able to provide the type of service families could rely on and to become a company people can depend on.

Statistics show families that use home automation...

Statistics show families that use home automation feel more comfortable leaving the children at home, because daycare isn't always available on date night.
And it helps build a foundation of trust as well if people know there being watched they tend to be more honest.
With our home automation system I believe we are doing that, we have made massive strides in being involved with the newest developments of security technology and home automating at Southwest Data.