About Us



Our Mission

Southwest Data believes in honesty, integrity, and hard work. We strive to meet all of our customers needs, and to fully support our sales, technicians, partners, and office staff to achieve our highest expectations. We offer only the best products with selfless service.

We are "one company - one source", with a proven tract record and over 20 years of combined experience. We have continued our growth and success by consistently providing our customers with premium service and respect.

Our Services

At Southwest Data, we have worked with many builders and contractors to pre-wire new build homes as well as re wire existing homes for cable tv, satellite, telephone, security systems and entertainment systems. Southwest Data has successfully installed commercial low voltage systems in many hospitals, small healthcare facilities, hotels, motels, schools, and other commercial facilities.

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How we Market and Employ 

Here, at Southwest Data, we knock on doors and rank in google organically through maps in neighborhoods and small business'. Why do we Knock Doors? Most companies out there run big expensive advertising campaigns through TV, Google Ad-words, Sunday Newspaper and Mailers. Southwest Data knocks doors to save money and pass the savings on to the customer.

Our door knocking program is for kids - seniors ages 16-55. The job gives you exercise by walking door to door so drink plenty of water and teaches communication skills better than any college.

We give out equipment for free and since we save so much money by knocking doors instead of big ad campaigns we give more equipment out and free instillation with a monitored agreement. Cell phone companies give out free cellphones and then you pay for the service but if you want the new iPhone or Samsung you have to pay for it.

We have options for upgrading the free system and using your control panel to add automatic door locks thermostats, cameras, lights, garage door openers with the ability to control it from your smart phone application.

Part of the monthly fee goes to the cellular provider that we use because all systems can have a cell chip to send signals to the police. This is a good thing because no power outage though WiFi or phone line getting cut can stop the police from coming to protect your properties.